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Welcome to Anand Hospital & Eye Centre & JOS’s Ophthalmic Film festival event on 18-19th March at ITC Rajputana Sheraton. Jaipur . Please  note that to attend this event Registration is compulsory & its complementary for Ophthalmologist. Click to conference page for more details .Click Here  | Dr. Sonu Goel is a renowned ophthalmologist with great international reputation. He has received several awards & recognition at National & International level    |    Suraj Ahuja, Captain Under 19, Indian Cricket Team got treated at Anand Eye Hospital

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Anand Hospital & Eye Centre

Anand Hospital & Eye center serves world-class eye care solutions. We are pioneers in bringing LASIK technology Laser assisted cataract surgery (Flacs), Smile Pro to North India. With modern, safe and advanced eye care solutions, A.H.E.C ensures optimum care and treatment to all eye patients whilst delivering sustainable remedies. With a proven track record of patient satisfaction, we ensure you get your eye health right!!

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Our Facilities


One of the leading causes of blindness in the world, Cataract can be really bad. And, to help cataract patients, A.H.E.C has on boarded a team of experts to help you get your cataract surgery right. We have modern technology equipment, machinery, and remedial methods to serve you world-class solutions for Cataract. We provide Phaco-emulsification; the most modern cataract surgery method with minimal discomfort, and promising results. We take all the care needed to carry out this procedure securely, and precisely. A.H.E.C has already treated several cataract patients.

Lasik, Smile & ICL

For the patients of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, A.H.E.C provides Lasik & C-Lasik surgical procedures. The procedure is carried by an ophthalmology expert team in a painless process. We assure you get the best remedial, and treatment methods for eye problems. Further, the post surgical support also ensures you feel safe, and secure throughout the procedure, and treatment.

Cornea & C3R

To correct your cornea damage, We provide one of the most successful, and reliable treatment methods called Cross-Linking of Cornea Collagen (C3R). We have treated several eye cornea patients with this method which includes no blood, no pain, and no hospitalization!
The procedure is safe, and secure, and is performed by A.H.E.C ophthalmology experts which makes it reliable too. We entertain patients on appointments as well as on a walk-in basis

Glaucoma Solution

Glaucoma patients suffer from a condition of the damaged optic nerve. This affects the signal transduction process between the eye and brain. It can cause blindness in chronic cases. A.H.E.C provides a solution for this.
From timely diagnosis to providing the most reliable solution, the team of ophthalmology experts at A.H.E.C provide the right help to Glaucoma patients.

Retinal Disease

Retinal eye diseases are common eye conditions. But, if left untreated for a prolonged time, it can cause trouble. A.H.E.C has helped several retinal eye disease patients in past years. Be it from a surgical procedure, or through other means of remedy methods, we have assured treatment to retinal eye patients. Get an appointment fixed with our expert ophthalmologist to get your Retinal disease diagnosed, and treated on time.

Laser DCR



Having a squint eye condition in children becomes a concern for parents. But, this can be treated if detected and addressed on time. Doctors at A.H.E.C ensure this.
We provide services like Comprehensive preschool check-ups, ROP screening, Glasses prescription, Lazy eye Screening, and Screening for special children with a special squint clinic in operation. Apart from this, the surgical procedures for squint treatment can also be consulted at A.H.E.C that too with proper machinery, and an expert team.

Prof Dr. M R Goel
  • Retd principal and head Mahatama Gandhi medical college Jaipur
  • Retd prof and head forensic medicine
  • Sms medical college and hospital Jaipur. Rajasthan
Dr. Hemlata Goel
Experience:40 Yrs
Medical Director
Justice J R Goel
Retd High court judge Rajasthan high court Jaipur

Dr. Sonu Goel
Experience:23 yrs+
Department: Anterior Segment Cataract, Laser Cataract, Refractive, Glaucoma, Medical Retina, Cornea
Prof. Dr. Indu Goel
Experience:20 yrs+
CEO Laser DCR, Oculoplasty

Dr. Gopal Krishan
Experience:5 Yrs+
Department: Anterior Segment Cataract, Comprehensive Ophthalomology
Dr. Vaishali Mathur
Experience:16 years
Specialization: Glaucoma and Anterior segment
Dr. Sonai Mukherjee
Experience:7 years
Specialization: Phacorefractive surgeon, comprehensive and uvea
Dr. Ratnesh sharma
Experience:10 years
Specialization: Anterior Segment Surgeon
Dr. Prakhar Goel
Experience: 9 years
Specialization: Retina, Uvea & ROP Specialist
Dr. Poornima Dhand Jain
Experience:4 years
Specialization: Cataract and Anterior Segment Surgeon
Anjali Kataria
Dr. Chitra Sitaraman
Dr. DD Gupta
Experience:30 years
Specialization: Cardiologist & Diabetologist
Dr. R K Sharma
Dr. Rahul Pandya
Experience:9 years
Specialization: Phaco. and Anterior Segment Surgeon.
Rajendra Kumar
Rupendra Jain
Aditya gupta
Experience:15 years+
Senior Optometrists, Refraction
Suman Gupta
Experience:15 years+
Senior Optometrists, OT Incharge
Namrata Singh
Experience:6 years+
Senior Optometrists, Refractive, Laser Surgery


Harshdeep Singh
“ Friendly staff, and experienced doctors. My Lasic treatment was painless, and easy. Best hospital to get Lasik surgery done! “
Diptamoy Goswami
“ During COVID, when I wanted virtual support, Dr. Sonai Mukherjee from Anand Hospital & Eye Centre helped me. She consulted medicines, and treatment online. I strongly recommend AHEC for any sort of eye problem emergencies. “
“ The services that I received were excellent. Dr. Namrita and the staff were friendly and ensured that I am properly informed about my health and care. Thanks a lot for Bindu madam. “
Vikas Puri
“ The staff, and doctors of A.H.E.C are helpful. I faced no difficulty while getting my yey problem diagnosed, and treated. The effect of treatment was commendable. “
Shubham Negi
"I got my cataract treated from Anand Hospital. The whole process was easy, and doctors assistantd on every step. "
Manik Chaudhary
"The staff, and Dr. Sonai are amazing. On every step of my treatment, there was complete assistance, and support. I thank Anand eye care for helping me get rid of my eye problem on time."
R. P. Saxena
"I am suffring from catract had surgery at Anand Eye Hospital now everything is fine i can see normally"
Mr Ashish
"The number of my eyes had increased a lot then I got LASIK surgery done at Anand Eye Hospital, now I can see everything fine. Staff is so helpfull "
Suresh K. Gangwal
"I was unable to see at all from my left eye, then I got ziess trifocal lenses fitted from Anand Eye Hospital, now I can see perfectly."
Satyanarayan Bairwa
"I used to feel a little discomfort in my eye while driving or walking at night. As soon as my operation was done without any incision, nothing was done. So immediately after the operation, I started looking very good,"
"I have undergone SMILE PRO PLUS eye surgery at Anand Eye Hospital. It was an amazing experience, I had no fear and now I can see everything clearly without glasses."
Mr. Jay
"I used to wear high prescription glasses in the past, but since receiving SMILE PRO PLUS treatment from Anand Eye Hospital, my vision has improved significantly and I can now see everything clearly."

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